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One Step Mailing

MB Multipage Mailer

PBSA pbProduction MB Multipage Mailer

High-speed inserting meets high-quality communications.

The multipageMAILER allows the production of an individual cover letter with matching envelope in a single pass. Consequently the target group-specific addressing of mailings from print run one has become a reality. The multipageMAILER system is first fed with the sheets in the appropriate sequence and then additional with the sheet for the envelope.

Up to four sheets plus envelope can be processed. Feeding takes place either by means of a cut sheet pre-loader, continuously from a roll or directly from a digital printing system. With a timed cutting unit, the documents for the contents are cut at the sides, whereas the envelope sheet keeps its original format. The subsequent application of glue then seals the complete document.

  • Overview

    Processing is made possible by a patented accumulator, which collects the different elements of the mailing in accordance with a specific procedure before the mailing is folded to its final size in the fully automatic folding system prestigeFOLD NET.

    PBSA pbProduction MB Multipage Mailer

    A camera system in connection with a diverter guarantees permanent security during the entire production cycle, making sure that only impeccable documents reach the delivery section. The complete system is also very operator-friendly because of its compact design and good accessibility.

  • Features

    Production of an individual cover letter with envelope in a single pass

    Envelopes and documents are processed together in one production flow

    Possibility of an individual design of the envelope ensures a high response

    Simplified data editing

    No additional inkjet system needed for printing the envelope

    Integrated, fully automatic folding system also usable for "normal" folding jobs

    Reliably produce high integrity mailpieces with features and security of traditional envelopes

    Operator-friendly due to compact design

    Camera system in connection with diverter for permanent security

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    MB Multipage Mailer

Glue-folder Self Mailer


Increased operational performance meets cost effectiveness.

Our self-mailer systems provide compact and affordable folder/gluer solutions that produce multiple self-mailer impositions. These complete folder/gluer machines use, durable and world leading FOLDERS and Glue system combinations. We apply the best folder and glue system to fulfil any demanding application.

  • Overview
    PBSA pbProduction Glue-folder self mailer

    Our folders include air/vacuum feed, pile and continuous feed folder options, combined with the easy to use and maintain GMS Microglue or Baummer HHS control and glue head systems. This complete system is affordable and also uses much less floor space than other self-mailer solutions.

    One of the unique features being offered is the capability to create “Z” and Double Parallel self-mailers in just one pass complete with glue on three sides and perforations on two ends parallel to each other.

    When used as a spot glue system, the Glue-Folder self mailer machine replaces tabbing and pressure seal machines as a means of sealing third-class mail to make self mailers or direct mailers.

    When the gluing system is not activated it not only produces snap pack mailers, self mailers and direct mailers, the Glue-Folder self mailer machine can also be used as a two-plate paper folding machine or as a letter folding machine. In this mode, it folds at a greater speed.

  • Features

    Running at speeds of up to 36 000 self mailer sheets per hour

    Microprocessor to program and control machine operation from one panel

    Cycling Speed of up to 36 000 per hour depending on folder and glue solution combination

    Double sheet and jam detectors

    Self-contained pressurised cold glue system

    Secure, accurate processing

    Completely portable- no need for house air

    Capable of C-Fold, V-Fold, Z-Fold and Double Parallel folds.

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    Glue-folder Self Mailer
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    Glue-folder Self Mailer