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Mail & Parcel Sorting

TrueSort™ Automated Parcel Solutions

PBSA pbProduction TrueSort™ Automated Parcel Solutions

Tailor made, high-speed parcel sorting systems

Industry tested hardware and software solutions that automate manual tasks and seamlessly integrate with virtually any backend flat file, database or web services ERP system.

Addressing the need to automate manual sorting processes, TrueSort™ automated parcel solutions sorts a robust combination of parcels, polywrap bags, magazines and flats with speed and precision. Its flexible design enables you to customise and expand your sorting solutions to meet changing business needs with minimal downtime and cost.

  • Overview

    Whether sorting parcels in sacks or cartons, singular or in bulk, Pitney Bowes will tailor a solution to suit any induction scenario. Our best-in-class image capture, lighting and software technology will read addresses, 1D and 2D barcodes with the highest accuracy in the industry.

    In-line scale and 3D measurement options are available for all weigh on-the-fly, dimensioning and certification needs. Depending on the size, type and fragility of the parcels, a variety of automatic printing and labelling solutions can be integrated into a sorting system.

    Throughput and material handling requirements vary widely for parcel sorting systems. As there is no technology that can be universally applied, Pitney Bowes offers an extensive range of integrated diversion systems and will consult with you to deliver a solution that fits your space, application and budget.

  • Features

    Full or semi-automated parcel loading

    PBSA Business Logic Processing (BLP) software

    Industry leading image capture technology

    Operator interface built on web-based platform

    Automated label print and apply technology

    Variety of industry-tested sorting technologies

    In-line weighing and 3D measurement

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Vantage™ Mail Sorting Machine

PBSA pbProduction Vantage™ Mail Sorting Machine

High speed letter processing with innovative in-line options.

The Vantage letter sorter with FlexLine™ Stackers combines speed, intelligence and endurance for the highest overall operational throughput and integrity in the industry, with speeds up to 50K/HR.

  • Overview

    Built-in Confidence

    Whether you are submitting your mail to the USPS® for workshare discounts or delivering incoming mail to your executive team, you need to feel confident that each and every mailpiece was sorted correctly. Confidence is what you get when you process your mail on the Vantage™ sorting system. Its newly engineered capabilities let you:

    Meet strict USPS® submission requirements by tracking individual mailpieces all the way to each pocket with Pitney Bowes' exclusive positive piece level tracking

    Virtually eliminate the possibility of doubles with the multi-view double detection device that includes the ability to distinguish tabbed mailpieces

    Read more addresses through a best-in-class combination of superior camera technology consistent lighting an enhanced mail settling section and industry leading software

    Higher Overall Throughput

    The Vantage™ sorter combines speed intelligence and endurance for the highest overall operational throughput and integrity in the industry. Every individual part of its front end–down to every ball bearing–was selected for high speeds and longevity for more consistent operation and less downtime.

    Innovative feeder technology lets you sort mailpieces with a variety of thicknesses while maintaining a consistently high throughput. And improved serviceability such as self-healing diagnostic tools means the system is easier to maintain and keep running at top performance.

    Expanded Automation

    A system that can automate more processes and mail types can be more valuable to your organisation. The Vantage™ is the first sorter which weighs both letters and flats, giving some organisations the ability to accept mail from more sources.

    There are many other technology advantages, such as the ability to obtain dimensional measurements for colour and black envelopes, which expand the types of mail and services that you can offer.

  • Features

    Standard Operating Features:

    Large 92" autofeed deck

    Variable speed control

    Enhanced mail settling section,/p>

    Mailpiece static guard

    Enhanced mail image stabilisation design

    Flexible Tier Pockets: Positive piece level tracking

    SortEngine Application Software

    Intuitive graphical user interface



    MLOCR with handwriting capabilities

    Inbound/outbound processing

    Three dimensional measurements



    In-line weigh-on-the-fly scale

    Local video encoding

    Separator card detection

    MERLIN® Standards grading verification

    FlexLine Multiple Tier Stackers

    Single or double-side stackers

    Pocket LED displays

    Intelligent Mail® Full Service

    UMove enablement

    Track and trace integration

    Mailpiece image archival

    Helpdesk on-call on-site service

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    Vantage™ Mail Sorting Machine
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    Vantage™ Mail Sorting Machine