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Mailstream Engage™ Direct Marketing Solution

PBSA pbProduction Mailstream Engage™ Direct Marketing Solution

Personalise direct mail with Mailstream Engage

Give your prospects something they’ll want to open. The Mailstream Engage Direct Marketing Solution creates direct mail so unique, personalised and brilliant, they’re irresistible. Power up your marketing campaigns producing high impact direct mail such as VIP invitations, membership packs and loyalty mailings.

  • Overview

    Attract new prospects, keep clients happy and make more money on every direct mail job. PBSA's Mailstream Engage creates personalised, high impact direct mail that helps create new revenue opportunities for your business.

    Our exclusive direct marketing solution leverages both digital print and customer insight to produce engaging, personalised marketing communications called Micro Billboards.

    Created using everyday letter-sized paper, its unique format offers countless ways to impress recipients and boost response rates.

    Let your creativity fuel your results.

    Take advantage of double-sided, full-colour pages to create high impact direct mail.

    Include up to four high quality, personalised sheets.

    Add magnets, reply envelopes or a wide range of response, membership, loyalty and business cards.

    Increase campaign results by linking physical to digital with PURLs, QR Codes and augmented reality embedded in the mail piece.

  • Features

    Stand out by being unique.

    Create unique, high-impact direct marketing packets that can deliver double digit response rates.

    Increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign with up to four engaging, full colour, double-sided documents.

    Lift response rates by including business card, loyalty card, magnet or business reply card.

    Personalisation supercharges response rates.

    Include a personalised, highly impactful direct mail piece as part of your multi-channel marketing campaign.

    Effectively link your physical and digital efforts to create an engaging journey for your audience.

    Mail all components with outstanding accuracy.

    Accelerate your ROI and stay ahead of the competition

    Expand your capabilities offering unique, high margin direct mail format.

    Increase your digital print volume and lower print costs.

    The compact design is ideal for small or limited space operations.

    Eliminate costs to inventory different size envelopes and forms.

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Print + Response™ Inkjet Module

PBSA pbProduction Print + Response™ Inkjet Module

Print personalised remittance envelopes and inserts in-line.

Achieve the significant benefits of a White Paper Factory implementation with the Print + Response™ Inkjet Module. Improve operational performance and eliminate the need for pre-printed materials by printing personalised remittance envelopes and inserts in-line.

  • Overview

    The PBSA Print + Response Inkjet Module provides the missing capability that print and mail operations need to fully achieve the significant benefits of a White Paper Factory.

    Unique from other solutions, this innovative print module seamlessly integrates in-line with the Mailstream family of inserting and wrapping solutions to print 100% variable documents at speed, eliminating the need for pre-printed remittance envelopes or inserts.

    By commingling small jobs, reducing job changeover downtime, increasing job accuracy and printing relevant personalised messaging on envelopes or inserts, operations can further streamline their print and mail workflow while producing high value communications.

    Efficiently process commingled jobs

    Eliminate inventory of pre-printed remittance envelopes and inserts

    Improve job accuracy with real-time print capability

    Prints at speeds up to 26 000 mailpieces per hour

    Monochrome or Colour

    Retrofittable design

  • Features

    Increase operational performance

    Reduce inventory obsolescence and waste using plain white envelopes and inserts to dynamically print remittance envelopes and inserts

    Streamline application commingling and workflows

    Improve operational efficiencies and reduce downtime due to job changeover

    Seamless integration to the Mailstream family of inserting and wrapping solutions

    High quality print at speed

    High quality 600 dpi image resolution provides reliable, consistent quality for high speed operations.

    Print in full colour or monochrome at speeds up to 26 000 mailpieces per hour

    Minimise system downtime with hot swappable ink cartridges

    Personalised and relevant

    Print 100% variable BRE content - logos, addresses, FIM marks, IMb barcodes, targeted marketing content or even a personalised return address on the front of the reply envelope utilising job file information

    Maximise upsell / cross sell opportunities and print personalised, relevant marketing inserts

    Achieve accurate results with end-to-end mailpiece tracking

    Reduce stock verification issues with in-line printing

    Expert service you can count on

    Maximise uptime with flexible service and support options

    World-class service expertise

    24/7 support

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Print + Messenger™ Color Inkjet System

PBSA pbProduction Print + Messenger™ Color Inkjet System

Higher effectiveness. Lower costs.

Increase mailpiece effectiveness by printing high quality, variable, full colour text and images on envelopes inline within your mail inserter. Improve operational efficiency by eliminating pre-printed envelopes, reducing storage needs, streamlining application changeover, and commingling mail.

  • Overview

    Lower costs

    Improve operational efficiency by eliminating pre-printed envelopes, reducing envelope storage needs, streamlining application changeover, and commingling mail. An integral part of a White Paper Factory™ solution, Print + Messenger eliminates the need to use anything other than plain white envelopes for customer communications.

    A whole new media

    Print + Messenger turns the everyday business envelope into a whole new media—a media that may have the highest readership of any in advertising, because no one discards the mail without first looking at the envelope. Print graphics directly on your envelope, inline with your inserter, using variable, targeted messages. Utilise both the inside and outside of your mail to drive revenue opportunities.

    Print + Messenger™ superior design

    At PBSA we understand the needs of high volume production mailers, and we designed our Print + Messenger Colour Inkjet System with those needs in mind. We leverage our complete knowledge of each mailpiece to dynamically adjust the distance between the print heads and each envelope, for high quality, vibrant images.

    Our custom formulated, fast drying ink does not require a dryer, and the system’s self-servicing features mean that minimal printer expertise is required within the inserter workcell. Additionally, the solution can quickly create reprints with minimal impact to your existing workflow.

  • Features

    Features that drive quality

    Intelligent print transport :

    Provide consistent print quality for highly variable applications without changing your current workflow.

    Quick drying inks :

    Dye-based inks create vibrant images and high quality native barcodes without using a dryer. Barcode image quality meets stringent USPS® Intelligent Mail® standards.

    Automated service :

    Integrated service station automates print head cleaning to help ensure a spotless process. It minimises the need for printer expertise within the inserter workcell.

    Digital workflow tools :

    Soft proofing, remote job layout, preflighting and job mail merge support.

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    Print + Messenger™ Color Inkjet System
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    Wilan Case Study
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Relay™ 8000 inserting system

PBSA pbProduction Relay™ 8000 inserting system

Bring the highest level of mail integrity to your business.

Built for larger mailers who need fully-integrated inserting, the Relay™ 8000 inserting system can bring significant benefits to your business. Now, you can assemble bills and invoices with speed and accuracy.

  • Overview

    Getting it right is crucial when assembling bills and invoices. You need your production mail to run quickly while ensuring every mail piece is accurate. With the Relay 8000 inserting system, you can be confident knowing your mail runs are completed on time and that your customers’ private information is secure.

    The Relay 8000 can add the option of file-based processing, an enterprise-level technology that gives you total control of your mail run. With it, you have the ability to treat your printed information as securely as you do your digital data. Plus, with flexible options such as OMR, 1D and 2D scanning, your most important mail will reach the right client.

    Adding barcodes to your existing documents and preparing your documents for file-based processing is simple with the Relay communications hub. Using your existing print streams, this web-based software allows you to add the security of 2D and 1D barcodes or OMR without the hassle of having to redesign your documents.

    With the ability to add high-capacity sheet feeders you can increase productivity for your high-volume mailings and with the new user-interface, setting up jobs is simple. It even lets you insert pages into either flat or letter envelopes in the same mail run, giving you the flexibility to automate all of your mail with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Features

    Using File Based Processing, your high-value transactional mail is handled precisely to help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements. File Based Processing analytics gives you a full audit trail for information-based and transactional mailings, keeping you - and your customers' printed information - safe.

    Easy to use control panel

    Automatic setup for up to 20 stored jobs

    Process up to 5 400 pieces per hour and up to 200 000 pieces per month for greater productivity

    Supports a wider range of envelope sizes - includes small envelopes up to C4 flats, thus eliminating the need to complete some jobs by hand, or the need to invest in a second dedicated machine.

    Excellent system for short runs and reprints in production mail operations

    Load-on-the-fly capabilities allow the system to pause whilst new materials are loaded

    Clear Deck function allows you to clear all the material within the transport area at the touch of a button at the end of each job

    All feeders are linked, including the envelope feeder to increase efficiency

    High capacity envelope feeders that can hold an additional 500 envelopes.

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    Relay™ 8000 inserting system

Companion™ Inserting System

PBSA pbProduction Companion™ Inserting System

Minimise risk when mailing high value, transactional documents.

The Companion™ Inserting System works alongside our high volume production mail inserters to run out-sorts created from larger inserter jobs. It automates a manual process with an integrated solution that provides full, closed-loop reconciliation.

The PBSA Companion™ Inserting System is a high integrity table top solution that leverages PBSA Direct Connect-the same control system that is used in your PBSA mailstream Productivity Series, APSTM Advanced Productivity Series, Mailstream Evolution™ and FPSTM Split Drive Inserting Systems.

  • Overview

    Easy to use

    This system has a consistent look and feel to similar applications run on our large, high speed inserters. It is a compact system with a small workcell and is ergonomically designed to keep the operator on one side of the inserter at all times. This keeps operator productivity focused and fast.

    Increase accuracy - streamline processes

    You can gain greater visibility and control over your mailing operations. With the integrated Pitney Bowes Direct Connect control system, the new Companion™ system can process any of your reprints with OMR and other barcode symbology. Replace the manual work associated with tracking outsorted mail with an automated solution that delivers full, closed-loop reconciliation. Data from the Companion™ inserter system can also be integrated with DFWorks® ADF Management software suite.

    Gain efficiency

    Now eliminate the need to run small reprints or jobs on your large, high speed inserters. This system runs both letter and flat mail-including up to four inserts - on a single tabletop platform at speeds up to 5 400 mailpieces per hour.

    Informed business decisions

    Complete integration of your daily mail production and reprint data can help you make more effective business decisions. Viewing individual system and operator performance lets you identify production bottlenecks and find new ways to improve operational workflow.

  • Features

    Minimise risk when mailing high value, transactional documents by:

    Processing and reconciling then closing out completed job utilising Direct Connect software

    Finishing reprints from outsorts created during large inserter jobs

    Improve overall productivity and efficiency by:

    Eliminating the need to keep open your high-volume inserter for reprints

    Eliminating the need to set up your high-volume inserter for small jobs

    Having available similar system information used on larger inserters such as DFWorks® and other tools

    Improve Labor efficiency and reduce errors by:

    Preserving a consistent look and feel

    Maintaining processes with quick and easy set up

    Consolidating reprints from multiple systems and jobs onto one solution

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    Companion™ Inserting System



Meeting demanding production environments.

CMC Envelope Inserters provide the unique capabilities needed to meet and exceed the expectations placed on systems in today’s demanding production environments. All systems feature a continuous motion raceway and simple flap-up inserting mechanism, advanced tracking control to insure document integrity and user friendly set-up and adjustments.

Available with a wide range of input channels, feeder types, and output modules to handle a wide range of applications and media. CMC inserters are constructed for 24/7 operation, high reliability, high efficiency and little maintenance to help users achieve the lowest cost-per-piece inserting process.

  • Overview

    Utimate flexibility for processing letters and flats

    Innovative and simple insertion area inserts collated documents into the envelope and then drives envelope to the output with a single continuous motion transport. Cut Sheet and Continuous Feed input options.

    PC_ADD Line Controller offers database management, advanced matching, selectivity and printing support, mailpiece and event logging. Offers the best "Price to Performance" ratio for transactional mailing.

    Heavy Duty construction guarantees long lasting performance even in the most demanding environments.

    Operator friendly design

    Hopper height allows easy loading with high insert stack

    Touch panel control for set-up

    Format changes can be made in under 5 minutes with easy toolless adjustments

    Automatic rejection of collation errors keeps system running

    Tracking control for each document

    Does not require skilled operators

    Available with a variety of feeder options, including rotary vacuum, shuttle, friction and rotary with separation disk for end fold applications.

    Available with a variety of output options, including simple conveyor, automatic stacker for bundling and on-edge envelople stacker. Vacuum belt output table for straightforward installation of ink-jet adressing systems. No stop and flip-flop system management functions ensure the highest efficiency. Special 250S version processes letters and 6x9 at higher speeds.

  • Features

    For other CMC models refer brochures


    Minimum Envelope: 100 x 180 mm

    Maximum Envelope: 250 x 350 mm

    Maximum Envelope 160 x 330 mm (250S Version)

    Maximum Mechanical Speed all models:

    16,000 envelopes per hour (250)

    18,000 envelopes per hour (250S)

    18,000 envelopes per hour (250S)

    20,000 envelopes per hour (400_C6/5)

    30,000 envelopes per hour (9000)

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