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Finishing Solutions

PBSA Booklet Stitching Solutions

Booklet Stitching Solutions

  • Overview of Booklet Stiching Solutions

    Our Range of saddle stitches and booklet production systems are innovative systems which incorporate flat sheet collating, scoring, folding, genuine saddle stitching and three-knife trimming in one operation in-line with friction and suction-fed vertical collators.

    A range of StitchLiners that produce professional finished booklets at speeds up to 5 000 booklets per hour.

PBSA Perfect Binding Solutions

Perfect Binding Solutions

  • Overview of Perfect Binding Solutions

    The range of perfect binding systems offered are designed for all hot-melt adhesive soft back book production applications, from desktop through to quick-response high volume integrated commercial systems.

  • Overview of Collating Solutions

    PBSA provides leading vertical collating systems and supplies the world's most popular brands, ensuring expertise is reflected in sophisticated systems, intelligent computer controls and integrity systems.

    A range of modular vertical deep-bin suction-fed collators. Featuring; suction feed mechanisms, advanced programming features, a user-friendly touch screen control, and high speed power collating performance.

  • Overview of Paper Jogging Solutions

    A range of paper joggers, from table top to production units, is available.

    The Paper Jogger is an upright floor-standing model and is ideal for separation and aeration of sheets prior to loading into the collating bins to ensure optimum system performance.

    The Paper Jogger's head has a variable degree of tilt with air assistance and a foot pedal operated jogging action.

  • Overview of Paper Drills

    pbProduction offers rugged hydraulic powered drills with easy drill bit changes and movable heads, without the use of tools.